Help Preserve Our Heritage

The Buena Vista County Historical Society, a non-profit corporation, depends upon membership dues, fund-raising activities and gifts for financial support.  Contributions are tax-deductible.  For more information on giving, contact the museum or call a board member.


     Individual     $10.00
     Family           $15.00
     Business      $25.00

Memorial Giving

The next time you wish to honor a departed friend or loved one, you may do so by sending a Memorial Gift to the Buena Vista County Historical Society.  Your tax-free contribution will help the Society's efforts to maintain a link to our past for our children, tourists, and scholars.

Your gift works two ways:

1) You properly fulfill a personal obligation, and

2) at the same time you participate in the preservation of our community's heritage.

Your Gift is Private and Non-competitive

The amount of your gift is confidential.  The family will be notified by an appropriate card, and donors' names will be listed in the next Buena Vista County Historical Society Newsletter, without mentioning the amount given.  (The same acknowledgement card is sent regardless of the size of the gift.)

Your Gift is Tax Deductible

There is no need to secure verification for a purchase or to be penalized for a cash gift to a family.  Your check to: Buena Vista County Historical Society, covered by tax deductible receipt, will document your memorial giving in an effective manner.

Fundraising Activities

The BVCHS does do many of their own projects to raise money such as picnics on Memorial Day, popcorn and pop stands during many other summer activities and holidays, and a garage sale.  People are encourage to bring in items they did not sell after the town garage sale day and then a flea type market sell is put on by the Buena Vista County Historical Society.  This is pictured below.

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