Barns were once a very important part of every farmstead, such as, shelter for cattle and calves, the twice a day job of milking cows, storage for oats, straw, and hay. Stalls were also there for the workhorses.

Milking was usually an all-family affair. The youth brought in the cows from the pasture, and put a small pail of oats in front of each stall. The cow teats were washed, you grabbed your favorite milking stool and milked your favorite cow! The cream and milk were separated with a hand-rotated separator. Both items were used in the house, extra milk was mixed with grain (then called slop) and fed to the hogs. Cream was picked up at the farm several times a week and sold.

Horses were fed oats and hay in their stalls, and led outside to the watering tank. They were well taken care of so they could be harnessed and do a days work for the farmer. Chicken houses were on every farm. Roosters were butchered for meat. Hens provided eggs for use and income. All families bought their groceries and weekly needs with their cream and egg income.

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