In-house Color Photo Lab

In-house Print-toPrint Transfer

In-house Video Transfer

Omni Photo has a Pictostat Copier.
Which means: Your old-time photos can now be copied in one day

Reprints can be made without a negative

Both matte and glossy finishes are available

All sizes from the very smallest to 8 x 11 are available

All photo copies may be picked up the next day (If specified, you can have your copies in one hour)

Did you know Omni Photo has their own color photo lab?

That means

  • All films are hand printed in our lab
  • All 35mm or APS film brought in by 11AM will be ready for pick up by 3PM
  • Film brought in after 11AM may be picked up anytime after 10AM the next day
  • 35mm or APS may be picked up in 1 hour if you prefer

The following reprint
sizes are available:

35mm* APS*
wallets 4 x 6
3 x 5 4 x 7
4 x 6 4 x 10
5 x 7 7 x 10
8 x 10 -
Panoramic -
*Both Glossy and Matte
finishes are available


Did you know...?

Your precious old home movies can
be transferred to video

Movies never leave the store
Background music
can be added
Extra copies can be made for
Mom and Dad, brothers and
sisters and friends